Bespoke Staircases

Our specialist staircase division, Central Staircases, provides a complete solution for one off home renovations, bespoke developments and medium size house builders.









Why pick our bespoke staircases?

For more than a decade, we have worked in partnership with several of the UK's leading house builders' and in recognition of our good service and quality, we have received several NHBC Certification awards and 'preferred supplier' awards.

Our dedicated team of experienced craftsmen, combined with the cutting-edge technology of the very latest woodworking machinery, enable us to produce the highest quality staircases available anywhere in the UK.  Our stair ranges are precision manufactured so that we can give you better choice of designs with all types off wooden.


Who do Central Staircases sell to?

Whether you are a national home builder, exclusive developer or remodelling your home. We will have what you are looking for. We give the same care and attention to detail to all our customers and ensure that everyone gets the products they want at a great price.

There is no need to worry about confusing jargon or measurements. Our experienced team will help you through the process every step of way. We don’t like to put our clients under any pressure, so our design teams will always offer a quote via email. This eliminates those awkward hard-selling moments.


Combining modern manufacturing with traditional craftsmanship

Within Central Joinery Group we have over 40 years' experience of producing Joinery and trading within the marketplace, and during this time we have undertaken some very interesting and unusual projects.

We are continually updating to stay ahead of the marketplace with regards to regulations and legislation, and ensure you get the very best service and products available.

Visit the Central Staircases website to view our product range and find out more about how we work

Staircase Specialists

With over 100 years' of industry knowledge and experience, we pride ourselves in producing and delivering the highest quality service and products to both the UK and Ireland.

At Central Joinery Group we strive to make installing our stairs as quick and easy as possible. All our staircase innovations aim to reduce the time and labour spent on site during the installation process and ultimately help you achieve your project deadline.

Our stair components are supplied pre-machined in the factory ready for installation, reducing the time spent manually cutting these on site. All our staircases are dry fitted to ensure they pass our rigerous quality inspections.







Visit our bespoke staircases website us on: 01283 212 142 to discus your staircase and specialist joinery needs.