Glass Staircases

A glass staircase can add style and wow factor to your home, because a staircase is much more than a functional feature.

Imagine being greeted by an exquisite glass staircase when entering your home. As a key design feature, a glass staircase needs to be planned from the outset of your project. A glass staircase will have a huge impact on the design of your ground floor, dramatically linking it to the adjoining levels. A glass staircase can transform the light, the space and feel of your home from the second you walk in.


A self-building or renovating glass staircases provide affordable impact

Whether you are self-building or renovating, make best use of this essential fixture and create a striking focal point glass staircase at the heart of your home.

If you’re thinking about a glass staircase as part of your interior’s overall planning process, it should be worked into your ground floor arrangement from the start of the project. Consider how family life flows around the house, and where the main approach to the flight will be.


Glass Staircases, safe strong and low maintenance

Glass is a material that has long been used in all kinds of structural applications. In spite on its fragility, glass is known to be robust and strong. In the right hands, with the right balustrade components and fixings glass can be used for just about anything.


Modern Glass Staircase

A modern cut string staircase with recessed glass panels. 






Modern Glass Staircase

A modern cut string staircase with recessed glass panels, a metal detail inserted into each individual tread and handrail. 

Contemporary glass staircase within your interior design, to some people, means modern, new or edgy. But the sign of a good staircase is that it fits within its environment

Glass Staircases Design Options

The use of toughened glass balustrades comes as no surprise and a glass staircase can be surprisingly well within budget too. However, a common issue is that the minimalist appeal of glass has been somewhat lost in the frame that has been needed. Handrails made from wood or metal, may not have been the finish that you are looking for. However, with strong but minimal components, glass balustrades can look stunningly minimalistic.


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