Supporting our community

Central Joinery Group outline their commitment to developing skills within their industry to ensure they remain a major staircase provider for years to come

At Central Joinery Group we understand the importance of innovation and we strive to be at the forefront of the industry ensuring we can improve our products and service to our customers. We have identified that we have the facilities around us to ensure our employees can be given the relevant skills to flourish in a thriving manufacturing industry.



Burton and South Derbyshire College

Working with our local college is vital to ensure we are delivering the relevant skills to support the industry. Central Joinery Group are supporting student learning with on the job training giving all students life and working skills to ensure their transition from learning to employment is flawless.








We understand how important quality is to our customers and therefore we continually develop and train our employees to achieve the highest standards possible. Working with DIDAC a national training provider we have made a commitment to ensure all our employees are given the necessary skills to provide our customer with unparalleled quality and service.

Central Joinery Group pride ourselves on ensuring we have the ‘Best Minds’ within our team. Our employees are given the skills and training to ensure our customers benefit from the dedication and commitment we provide. This is shown through the high standards of our product and service.

Working with Jon and his team at Didac will give us a fantastic training programme that will allow us to recruit unskilled employees and give them an opportunity to train and learn. This will generate a number of opportunities within our community and will ensure Central Joinery Group are consistently keeping the traditional skills within our operation

Training is one of the most rewarding investments we can make in our business. In order to support our industry's skills gap we have recognised a huge opportunity to work with Burton and South Derbyshire College and support students within our community ensuring they are given the relevant on the job skills, life skills and a supported transition into preparing for full time work.

Burton and South Derbyshire College have a dedicated employer engagement team that works with organisations of all sizes across a wide range of sectors to develop the right training solution for each individual business. So whether you're looking for NVQs, higher level qualifications or specialist accredited courses the college can support and we all can help in bridging the gap in the shortage of skills within our sectors.

Collaborating with the college as opened the doors to so many opportunities that can help our business and also give valuable experience to students that can flourish and grow within our business while learning their relevant skill. Our main objective is to ensure that the students are ready for full time employment within our organisation or another.

We are extremely excited for our next 12 months progress and are looking forward to seeing this programme progress as well as all our other exciting projects we have in the pipeline. If you want to find out more regarding the above collaborations please email or  just keep an eye out for our news updates.

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