The National Forest

Central Joinery Group joins National Forest’s ambitious campaign to reach 9 million trees






On Friday 15th November, Central Joinery Group visited the National Forest in Leicestershire and planted a tree with a very special story, to help the National Forest Company reach a big number  - their 9 millionth tree planted in the Forest so far.

The ambitious campaign, marks a significant milestone in the creation of the National Forest - the planting of the 9 millionth tree is expected to take place during this tree planting season. Central Joinery Group is a partner of the National Forest Company, and was honoured to receive an invitation to dedicate a tree and share the story behind its continued support.

“Corporate partnerships are making an invaluable contribution and helping us reach our 9 millionth tree planted since we started creating the Forest in 1991. The support of businesses has a huge impact on our work and helps us to continue to drive change in our transforming landscape.”

From tree houses to The Hundred Acre Wood, trees are deep rooted in our imaginations, and every tree dedicated in the National Forest has a story to tell. The National Forest is inviting individuals and organisations to dedicate their own tree and contribute to a forest full of stories.

David Bourque from the National Forest said, “Through our campaign, we want to bring the forest to life with people’s individual stories. Whether this is how businesses like Central Joinery Group have helped us change the shape of the landscape or how people have commemorated a special occasion by planting a tree that will last a lifetime (or two). Every story becomes part of the past, present and future of the National Forest.”

The National Forest

  1. The National Forest area covers 200 square miles of the counties of Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Staffordshire.  Its objective is to increase woodland cover within its boundaries from an initial six per cent to about a third. No multi-purpose forest on this scale has been created in the UK for one thousand years. More than 8.9 million trees have been planted so far, trebling the proportion of woodland cover in the Forest to 21 per cent. 


  1. Year by year, the National Forest has been steadily turning what was once one of the least wooded areas of England into a multi-purpose, sustainable forest. The National Forest provides environmental, social and economic benefits, including landscape enhancement, creation of new wildlife habitats and major new access and leisure opportunities. It is an excellent example of sustainable development – with environmental improvement providing a stimulus both to economic regeneration and to community pride and activity.


  1. To achieve these objectives, the National Forest Company leads the creation of the National Forest, working in partnership with landowners, local authorities, private business, voluntary organisations and local communities and has strong support from Government, politicians and the public.  The Company, now also a charity, continues to receive grant support from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Charity no: 1166563.

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