We have launched Stairbiz

Stairbiz: A Step Above

Central Joinery Group are really excited to announce that we are now using Stairbiz! Stairbiz is a piece of software that will massively improved the way we do our staircases and other work here at Central Joinery.


Stairbiz is a piece of software which will massively improved the way we do our staircases and other work here at Central Joinery. It allows us to continue performing the outstanding quality of work that we pride ourselves up on – but at a much higher efficiency and output. The intuitive design and integration of Stairbiz will allow us to seamlessly design and manufacture the high-quality bespoke staircases that we are committed to providing each and every customer, with Stairbiz making the specification and quotation progress more accurate and simpler.

This incredible new addition to our operation has aided us in becoming more ‘paper-less’ as most of the required information is already created and stored within the Stairbiz software – meaning that everything we need is right there and easily accessible for everyone in the team.




Easy CNC programming




Intuitive drawing system


Stairbiz also integrates with and can operate on our 5-axis CNC which means that we can produce more intricate designs at an incredibly high quality and efficiency. 5-axis is a system in which our CNC can operate on the traditional 3 XYZ axis’, but also allows use of the A and B axis’ to really increase the ability of the machine and approach the work from all directions – creating opportunity for designs which would have been impossible, or would have required special parts and a lot of hours beforehand. Because of this fantastic piece of software and 5-axis machinery, we can create some really impressive and bespoke staircases.



What do the experts say?

Kyle – Operations Director at Central Joinery Group:

“Introducing Stairbiz into Central Joinery has been seamless. The whole Stairbiz team have been fantastic to work with and the system has opened a whole new opportunity to support the growth at Central Joinery. The aim from day one was introduce a system that would digitally transform the business to allow us to maintain our great customer service but also stay ahead of the game with our competitors. Utilising the newly developed 5-axis technology and our tooling investment will give us the manufacturing capacity to support our growth. There are some exciting and ambitious development ahead of us which our customers will certainly benefit from.”

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