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More Investment at Central Joinery Group.


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We are constantly investing to support the future of the business and our ambitious growth plans. This will allow us to work more efficiently and effectively and will certainly support us with keeping our customers happy


A heavy duty range of upstroke crosscutting saws, designed for programmable and repetitive cutting from standard and / or random lengths of timber. The saw unit has a pneumatic upstroke action with variable speed control, while the pusher / feed is fitted with a heavy duty rack and pinion drive feeding system for fast positioning giving a high level of repeat cutting accuracy. The saw unit and clamping area is totally enclosed by a clear hinged electrically interlocked hood that while giving the operator a clear view of the cutting area still gives complete protection. The infeed and outfeed tables are of all steel construction meaning even heavy sections or packs of timber can be processed. 

Thanks to JJsmith & Co (Woodworking Machinery) Ltd.

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